This is a research blog, so I wholeheartedly encourage critical thinking and incisive commenting. But please, try and be nice about it.

Rude and offensive comments will be deleted.

Comments that appear to be automatically generated will be deleted.

The first time you post a comment, your comment will be held back until I approve it (this helps reduce spam). Any comments you make after that will go up on the blog straight away. Of course, even if you’re approved, I’ll delete rude or offensive material you may post.

At the moment, I think going off-topic is OK. The purpose of the blog is to provide space for my thinking to be corrected and redirected. Logically, this has to include the possibility that my posts just aren’t about the right stuff and you need to point me elsewhere. So I think it’s OK if your comments don’t relate directly to the post. But if this policy goes haywire, I might need to call on my readership to help me rethink…

Since 14 June 2011, this blog had approval from the Human Research Ethics Committee to collect as well as disseminate information. Comments made after this date are eligible to be used and analysed as data in the project “On the way home: the interplay between faith and migration for Christian migrants”. By commenting you agree to your comment being available for use as part of the project.

The project is being conducted by University of Melbourne PhD student Natalie Swann. Her project is being supervised by Professor Andrew Dawson and Dr Erin Fitz-Henry. You are welcome to contact any of them about the project.

If you would like to contribute comments to Natalie without agreeing to their use as part of her project, please email her at swann[dot]otwh[at]gmail[dot]com

This project has the approval of the Human Research Ethics Committee. If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of the project, which you do not wish to discuss with the research team, you can contact:

Executive Officer
Human Research Ethics
University of Melbourne
VIC 3010

Tel: (03) 8344 2073.


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