The inevitiable

Inevitably, at some point during a PhD, a student will stumble across the work of someone who has published work that makes them feel like their project is irrelevant. It happened to me yesterday, as I sat down to prepare my latest Annual Report (3 years in – 2 years full-time equivalent – who knows how many to go…).

So here it is, a Christian geographer at the University of British Colombia doing work on migration and religion — Justin Tse. If you are still reading this blog despite the vast motherhood- and fieldwork-related silences, you really should read his as well. Possibly instead.

And, you could check out a new book on Religion and Place, in which he’s got a chapter, or his recent article in Progress in Human Geography. Despite the temptation they present as a form of noble procrastination, I am leaving a detailed read until after the Annual Review is finished. Keep your eyes out for a review in May!


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