What am I reading?

It’s not a secret; you can now access my reading list — both things I’ve read, and things I’m hoping to read — at Zotero. There’s a new link to my Zotero library in the menu bar on your right.

Zotero is a handy reference management system that works as an add-on for Mozilla Firefox – and it’s free! I debated whether to use EndNote or Zotero, but decided I wanted to build a library that I would be able to continue to access even if I leave the higher education sector and the joys of institutional licencing. Also, there are a number of functions that are really handy:

  • I can sync my desktop and laptop;
  • My library is stored online and I can access it through the zotero website from any computer;
  • For journals, there’s a fabulous tool to capture referencing details from search engines — there’s hardly any need to do manual entry;
  • For books, there’s an ISBN search engine to capture referencing details — again, there’s very little typing needed;
  • There’s a plug-in not just for MS Word, but also for OpenOffice Writer (although no love if you use Pages on a Mac).

I’ll happily recommend Zotero — and hope you’ll feel free to make recommendations for my reading list!


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